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There is no need to invest in an expensive PABX Systems and no added costs for maintenance, service and security.
With Hosted VoIP Phone Systems you invest for a relatively low investment in a completely new telephony environment with all the functionality..
VoIP (Voice over IP) is a reliable method to make calls over data connections such as the Internet. Our VoIP Providers are located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and rest of South Africa.
Business calls with low VoIP rates prices has great benefits.
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Saving Money

The cost of using a voip phone is much cheaper than compared to a traditional phone. You will see the most cost savings when making international calls or long distance call frequently.


A voip phone system can be accessed whereever you have internet access, no matter where you are in the world. Using your internet connection, you can login to your voip phone and get a dial tone. Telephone systems for small business medium and corporates.


By purchasing suitable connectors you can use your existing telephone equipment with your voip provider. As your voip system will have its own voip number, anyone can still get in touch with you no matter where you are in the world. As long as you are on a broadband connection and logged onto your voip phone PABX Systems.


A voip system provides you much more than just making calls. Every voip system today, allows video confereneces facilities as well.


VoIP Phone Systems Hosted Cloud PBX

With Virtual Hosted PABX Systems, you get the most advanced and fully featured voip phone system in the industry at a fraction of the cost. The solution that is ultra-reliable, flexible and supported by a highly trained engineerslocated right here in South Africa. The voice solution that will save you money and enable you to focus on your business.

VOIP Providers South Africa

VoIP services allow you to make low cost local mobile and International phone calls using your existing high speed internet connection. Using the internet to make phone calls enables you to avoid the usually high-cost calling from your regular carrier and to take advantage of the great rates thatwel offer. We also provide solutions for the correct bandwidth that suites your business needs.

VoIP Phones


We make selecting the privilege VoIP telephone EASY. Our distinctive desktop VoIP telephones and WiFi VoIP phones from the business. Whether you require different line appearances, double Ethernet ports, have a tight spending plan or are hoping to satisfy that high positioning official, We have VoIP phone systempriced solution for you.


These are some of the reputable brands we deal with


  • Fast Fast Fast - Within an hour I had comprehensive feedback on the most suitable voip solution for my business

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  • Competitive Rates - I was astounded by how much money we would be saving from the first minute

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  • No more expensive hardware - When our R50 K pbx broke, we were in dire need of a cheaper alternative, VOIP Online introduced us to Cloud PBX

    Adele -

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